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Emotional moments, confident win at the season-opener

We stopped above 100 points at the season-opener.

Sopron Basket – BEAC-Újbuda 102-42 (37-15, 22-10, 25-4, 18-13)

Sopron, 1000 néző

Photo: Zsombor Tóth

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 3/3, Dubei 14/6, Crvendakic 7/3, Milovanovic 15/3, Jovanovic 10 Cs.: Czukor 14/12, Weninger 13/9, Salvadores 12/3, Határ 6, Bakó 4, Böröndy D. 2, Turner 2

Beac-Újbuda: Szabó D. 3/3, Pusztai P. 4, Suppán 11, Kocsis F. 2, Barnai 4 Cs.: Süle 8/3, Pusztai S. 6, Kovács V., Gocsman -, Zana -, Angyal -, Király -


Mezőny dobószázalék: 42/74 57% ill. 18/68 26%

3-pontos dobószázalék: 13/27 48% ill. 2/10 20%

Büntető dobószázalék: 5/6 83% ill. 4/13 31%

Lepattanó: 48 (Határ 15) ill. 37 (Kovács V. Barnai 9-9)

Gólpassz: 33 (Crvendakic 7) ill. 5

Szerzett labda: 16 (Milovanovic 4) ill. 7 (Suppán 3)

Eladott labda: 16 ill. 23

Fault:15 ill. 15

IBM: 154 (Milovanovic 24) ill. 5 (Kovács V. 8)
Photo: Zsombor Tóth
The program of the first game in the 2017/18 season began with the skills show of the youngsters of Soproni Darazsak Academy. Then came the ceremony in which the banners commemorating the championship and cup triumph of last season got into place. After that the fans could witness some emotional moments, when the jersey of Kata Honti was retired and put to the ceiling of Novomatic Aréna. The ceremony fit the greatness of our former player.

The tip-off of the first competitive game marked the beginning of a rather one-sided game, in which the girls left nothing to be discussed after one quarter, since the initial period ended with a 37-15 home lead.

The second quarter brought no difference in the game, the girls made their lead even bigger until the half-time buzzer, when the scoreboard showed a huge, 59-25 Sopron lead.

In the third period our team made a presentation on how to play defense in basketball, and on the other side we kept on attacking like we did in the entire game. We scored 25 points in this ten-minute period and conceded only 4.

The last quarter was the most contested one where the youngest conquered the court, but we managed to win this one by 5 as well. The most joyful moment was when Határ scored the 100th point of the team, which made the crowd burst into screaming, but we also have to mention that every person on the roster stepped on court and scored at least two points. Final score: Sopron Basket 102 – 42 BEAC Újbuda.

Roberto Iniguez (head coach): We tried to respect our opponent by stepping on court focused, and I am happy that our youngsters took their chances, worked well, and so did our opponent, too. Congratulations to them too, they fought well, their development is ensured.

Judit Balogh (head coach): It was a usual opening game. We have been starting the season here for years now, which on one hand is nice, because we get over with it fast, but on the other hand we do have key games as well, two of which wil be played next week. This is why a start like this is not necessarily fortunate, but obviously my players know what our goals are, against whom and when we have to give our best.

Zsófia Fegyverneky: It was very important that even with the unusual warm-up because of the season-opener we started the game out well, we played focused. We were on the right sied of the physical mismatch, and showed a very organized style of play all through the 40 minutes of the game. That was the most important thing for today!

Vanessza Kovács: It was a game we can learn from. We have things to correct on defense as well as on offense. It was an honor playing against players with reputation this huge.

- 2017-09-29

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