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National team break ahead after win by a big margin

We beat PEAC-Pécs by 52 points in our last competitive game before the national team break in Novomatic Aréna.

SOPRON BASKET - PEAC-PÉCS 89-37 (23-12, 16-4, 22-10, 28-11)
Sopron, Attendance: 800

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 4, Dubei 9, Crvendakic 13, Milovanovic 5, Langhorne 6 Cs.: Salvadores 6, Böröndy 2, Határ 3, Czukor 4, Weninger 15, Turner 14, Jovanovic 8

PEAC-Pécs: Mandic 3, Vucorovic 6, Tenyér -, Raksányi 4, Imovbioh 10 Cs.: Szűcs R. 7, Roberson 3, Licskai 4, Szűcs L. -


FG %: 36/62 58% ill. 14/59 24%

3-PT %: 7/17 41% ill. 1/13 7%

FT %: 10/13 77% ill. 8/16 50%

Rebounds: 41 (Crvendakic 7) ill. 32 (Imovbioh 14)

Assists: 24 (Salvadores 5) ill. 5 (Imovbioh 1)

Steals: 14 (Turner, Jovanovic, Salvadores 3) ill. 12 (Mandic, Szűcs R., Imovbioh 3)

Turnovers: 18 ill. 23

Blocks: 1 ill. 0

Faults: 18 ill. 16

We managed to come away withthe ball at the tip-off, but Debi's three-point attempt came off the rim, while Raksányi's double went in, scoring the first basket of the game, to which Aleks answered immediately. Two minutes into the game Crystal answered to Mandic's double by a three-point play, advantage Sopron (2nd minute 5-4). Meanwhile Zsófi conceded a charging foul, which was already her second personal, so she had to sit down. She was replaced by Yvonne, who immediately showed her class with two steals, both of which led to made shots at the other end forcing the away team's first time-out (4th minute 9-5). After the short break Raksányi came up with a double while Jeca scored from the arc giving us a 5-point lead. PEAC kept fighting, but Virág kept increasing our lead after Yvonne's spectacular assist, which grew into double digits after Aleks' and Tina's free throws in the 9th minute ( 9th minute 20-10). Although Zsófia Licskai tried to make the scoreboard look better for the visitors, Angela made sure with a successful shot from behind the three-point line that we start the next quarter with the biggest lead in the game so far ( 10th minute 23-12).

We continued in the second period where we left off at the end of the first one, Crystal made a bucket from mid-range after Virág's delivery from the baseline. After that Virág remaned in the spotlight, our lead grew thanks to her accurate shot from downtown (12th minute 28-12). The teams got stuck for a while, and Betti Határ put an end to the drought after Zsófi's well-placed assist, and Dalma topped that with another double forcing the away team's next time-out (15th minute 33-14). In the next four minutes both teams could only score two points, and our head coach decided to put an end to this misery, and called a time-out (19th minute 35-16). After the break we performed well on multiple defensive situations and after Debi's made shot we reached the 20-point advantage, and Aleks topped that before the half-time buzzer (20th minute 39-16).

The third quarter began with Yvonne's lay-up, and then two consecutive Pécs attacks were stopped by charging fouls. Yvonne came up with another basket, and after Debi's triple we were in a 30-point lead already, Pécs called their next time-out (23rd minute 46-16). The short break didn't break our pace, we were in a 9-0 run in the quarter already, and after Debi's double came another Pécs time-out (24th minute 50-16). We had to wait almost six minutes for the first basket for PEAC in this quarter, which was scored by Réka Szűcs, and then Zsófia Licskai topped it with another one right away (27th minute 54-20). Roberson made one out of two free throws, PEAC was on a 5-0 run. The comeback was stopped by Yvonne's mid-range double. Aleks answered to Réka Szűcs's yet another made free throw with a triple, and she also handed an assist to Virág after Roberson's double. We were in a 35-point lead before the final period (30th minute 61-26).

At the beginning of the fourth quarter Yvonne was fouled in the act of shooting after a steal, and she calmly made both rewarded free throws, and after Yvonne's yet another drawn foul Aleks made a mid-range jumper. After a triple by Pécs Yvonne struck again, and after Virág's triple came the next away time-out (33rd minute 72-29). Any attempt to come closer to us by Pécs proved unsuccessful, the difference between the two teams just kept growing (36th minute 79-33). With two and a half minutes on the clock after Dalma's made shot the difference reached 50 points, the girls played unstoppably (38th minute 86-35). Domi also made a shot after a steal with one minute on the game clock, so we can say that every player on our roster scored at least two points tonight in a game that ended in a 52-point home win (40th minute 89-37).

Zsófia Licskai: Sopron bested us in every aspect of the game today. We performed way below our skills, and you just can't win a game like that.

Gabriel Carrasco: It is hard to say anything after a game like that. The difference between the two teams has shown tonight. I could look for excuses like we have a lot of young players, we have a very short bench, but in basketball performance is all that matters and that was enough for a result like this today.

Dalma Czukor: It is very nice that we could perform like this before the break, and that we can rest with a smile on our faces. It is good that the younger players also got their minutes on court. I'm happy that we could practice our plays that we can use in Euroleague and in the championship as well.

Roberto Iniguez: We closed the period before the break with playing well in a game where everyone could step on court, and we could practice our plays. This will be so in the remainder of the championship as well: whoever practices the hardest will get chances to play. We will rest, but also work during the break, and I hope that we will continue in as good a form as possible. We have to make use of the time given to us, because very important games are ahead of us after the break.

- 2017-11-05

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