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The ice broken against PINKK

We managed to get the win after a close first half against a very committed Pécs team in the domestic championship.

SOPRON BASKET - PINKK-PÉCSI 424 82-68 (20-16, 24-21,18-14, 20-17)

Sopron Basket: Turner 9/9, Wenigner 16/12, Crvendakic 10/6, Milovanovic 12/6, Langhorne 10 Sub.: Jovanovic 11/3, Dubei 7/3, Salvadores 5/3, Határ 2, Fegyverneky -, Bakó -, Czukor -

PINKK-PÉCSI 424: Ruják 8/6, Benke 9/3, Jakovina 4, Cheslek 10, Slaughter 19/3 Sub.: Gémes-Sarok 10/3, Sánta 4/3, Cukic 4, Kovalcsik -


FGS: 32/59 54% ill. 25/52 48%

3-PTS: 14/22 64% ill. 6/17 35%

FTS: 4/5 80% ill. 12/18 67%

Rebounds: 35 (Langhorne, Jovanovic 7-7) ill. 20 (Slaughter 7)

Assists: 20 (Fegyverneky 5) ill. 20 (Slaughter 7)

Steals: 3 ill. 8

Turnovers: 16 ill. 10

Blocks: 2 ill. 0

Faults: 21 ill. 16

VAL: 93 (Weninger 18) ill. 74 (Slaughter 22)

We got the ball and the right for the first offensive possession after the tip-off, and with the free throws by Jeca we scored the first points in the game. The girls were on fire early in the game, they started out with a 10-0 run in the first four minutes, forcing the first away time-out (4th minute 10-0). The fans had to wait almost five minutes for the first away points, which came after a double by Ruják. After 15-4 the guests made a 5-0 run and came closer but then Virág showed up with a triple. The guests closed the first ten minutes with a 7-2 run reducing the gap to just four points (10th minute 20-16).

The second period began with one out of two away free throws made, to which Angela aswered with a three. As the game went on, Rujak scored from downtown, but Debi had a solid answer to it right away (14th minute 29-22). Two minutes later when the scoreboard showed a 3-point home lead PINKK's coach decided to talk it over and caleed a time-out (16th minute 31-28). After the short break came Virág's period. She already had 8 points, and in two minutes she doubled it with two triples and a double after a steal made by her (17th minute 39-30). PINKK managed to come closer to us by 2 points by the end of the quarter which ended with a 7-point Sopron lead (20th minute 44-37).

The first basket of the second half was scored by Cheslek, and Rujak topped that with a three, which meant that PINKK came back on our necks, being down by just two points, but before we could start to worry Aleks came up with a three and calmed her team down. The guests managed to stay close to us until 52-48 when we performed a 6-0 run and reached a double-digit lead again (27th minute 58-48). By the end of the period we added another point the difference and led by eleven (30th minute 62-51).

The last quarter began with a made three-pointer by Yvonne, which was followed by two more, while PINKK had only one made shot from the arc as an answer, we were ahead by 17 (71-54). After 71-59 we made another big run, this time it was 8-0 before PINKK could make a shot again (38th minute 79-59), and the difference has reached 20 points for the first time in the game. In the last few minutes the guests did everything to make the scoreboard look better for them, and they succeeded, they closed out the game with a 9-3 run but we still won by 14 points (40th minute 82-68).

Roberto Iniguez: Kt's important that I could give a lot of minutes to our young players, and I'm happy about the way they played. They took their hearts out on the court, I'm satisfied with them! For me the most important thing is, that the team play with heart and that they shouldn't watch what is on the back of their jersey! I didn't see that from everyone, and I will draw the conclusions from it!

Jens Tillman :Congratulations to our opponent! I think this was our hardest game away from home this season. Sopron is a well-balanced team that can rotate a lot of players. We haven't used zone defense before, but we tried it today because of our opponent's style of play. We tried to slow them down. We worked well, I am really satisfied with my team's performance for today.

Turner Yvonne :We started out slowly, and didn't defend the way we are expected to.We had some lapses, but luckily we won the game. Virág was shooting really well in the first half, which kept us ahead.

Ivy Slaughter :Even though we didn't win today, I think we made a step forward. Our offense worked well, we had some good periods.

- 2017-12-02

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