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We'll need some extra performances against this Fener team!

Good, better, even better than that! With each round in Euroleague rivals get stronger and stronger. This time powerhouse Turkish flagship team Fenerbahce will face us on Wednesday from 5.30 pm.

Last season we caused a huge surprise destroying the blue and yellows' plans in Euroleague eliminating them in the quarter finals 2-1 and entering in the FINAL4. We have some nice memories about them, but our opponents are surely preparing against us doubly determined. Last year's fail has rearranged many things around the house of Fener who have a huge budget. First they have sacked the head coach who wouldn't even last until the end of the season. As a replacement the hired French national team head coach Valerie Garnier, who is an excellent professional, and her teams were always characterized by fast-paced style of play, unity, and a well-constructed system. The improvements on the roster that already featured many excellent players has gone through along these lines as well.

From the key players one of the outstanding personalities of Turkish basketball, Vardarli, and future prospect Cora stayed on the shore of Bosporus. The latter has signed a three-year deal which confirms the concept of rebuilding. They have also signed contract extensions with four international players who would be welcome anywhere in the world. Verameyenka, Sottana, Plum, and Czech passport holder Vaughn are all world class players. Besides them they have three big fish in their net. The biggest name of those is the still very young Italian player Zandalasini, who has fantastic attributes. Our former player Bria Hartley already with a French passport in her pockets has switched teams inside Turkey after a great season. They also managed to get Kia Stokes the Turkish citizenship, so Plum is practically their only overseas player, and this way they have created the opportunity for themselves to be able to change their roster during the season, and keep improving on an already outstanding squad, which if they can make it into a functioning team will not be stopped by many others.

Our team that were heading towards Istanbul on Tuesday morning is getting in a better shape with each passing round, and hopefully they will even increase this level. Before the game we asked our assistant coach Carlos Cantero about his expectations.

The game can be followed via online statistics on the FIBA page and via live stream on Euroleague YouTube channel.

Sopron Basket vs. Fenerbahce

17 games (15 in Euroleague)
5 wins/12 losses
1329 points scored/1377 conceded

- 2018-11-06

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További hireink
    Sportdarázs11/19 11:35
    Elsöprő magyar győzelem Albániában
Kihozta a maximumot magából válogatottunk az EB- selejtezőn, óriási lépést téve a jövő évi EB szereplés irányába
11/18 20:29
    Szrt11/16 18:15
    Aleks meze hazatért
A FIBA őszi nyereményjátékának fődíja csapatunk kiválóságának, Aleksandra Crvendakicnak az Euroliga FINAL4 meze volt, melyet döntős csapatunk valamennyi tagja aláírt
11/15 15:26
    A Basket Costa lett a bajnokok bajnoka
Hetedik alkalommal rendezte meg Akadémiánk november 8-13
11/13 21:57
    A bajnokok végső csatái élőben a mindiGO-n!
Kedden zárul a 7
11/12 19:23
    Heading into the break with an unbeaten record
We didn't give any chance to second place NKE-Csata, against whom we scored over 100 points
11/10 21:08
    Veretlenül vonulhatunk pihenőre
Nem adtunk esélyt a tabella előkelő második pozícióját elfoglaló NKE-Csata együttesének, akik ellen a 100 pontot is átléptük
11/10 20:14
    We'd better focus at the home of the surprise team
Not many people would have thought before the season that our last appearance before the national team break will be a derby as guests to NKE-Csata
11/09 11:43
    Jó lesz odafigyelni a meglepetéscsapat otthonában
Nem sokan gondolták volna a szezon előtt, hogy a válogatott szünet előtti utolsó fellépésünk rangadó lesz az NKE-Csata vendégeként
11/09 11:17
    Tight loss in Istanbul
We managed to play a very good game with Fenerbahce on their home court, and never let them out of our sight, but in the end they came out as winners in an epic battle
11/07 19:32
    Apróságokon múlt a bravúr
Megszorongattuk a török Fenerbahce együttesét Isztambulban, de a győzelmi esélyünkkel nem tudtunk élni
11/07 19:20
    We'll need some extra performances against this Fener team!
Good, better, even better than that! With each round in Euroleague rivals get stronger and stronger
11/06 13:32
    Ez ellen a Fener ellen már extrák is kellenek!
Jó, jobb, még jobb! Fordulóról fordulóra egyre erősebb ellenfelek az Euroligában
11/06 13:30
    Fenerbahce go over hundred points in road game
Our next Euroleague rivals have easily beaten their opponents in the Turkish league
11/05 10:54
    Száz fölé jutott idegenben a Fenerbahce
Szerdai Euroliga-ellenfelünk könnyedén lépte le aktuális riválisát a török bajnokságban
11/05 10:47
    A háttérben is forgatott az M4 Sport stábja
A csütörtöki Euroliga mérkőzés alkalmával hosszabban forgatott klubunknál az M4 Sport stábja
11/04 10:33
    Great win in useful game against MTK
We have managed to use the game against MTK for our benefit and entertain those who came to the arena to see it with a spectacular performance on both ends
11/03 20:04
    Minden kívánságot teljesítettünk
Látványos megmozdulásokkal tarkított mérkőzésen arattunk papírforma győzelmet a honi bajnokságban
11/03 19:54
    Waving good-bye to Sopron for a month on Saturday
As a result of the FIBA window and our schedule we will see our team in Novomatic Aréna only once in November this Saturday from 6 pm when we will play MTK Budapest
11/02 11:15

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