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Infernal heat to be expected in Salamanca

After the national team break we are getting back to normal with a very hard Euroleague game right away.

The home of Spanish side Salamanca is considered one of the most heated arenas in Europe. It is a very popular club, surrounded by fair, but very noisy fans. Even we had some opportunities to experience that before! From our supporters who wouldn't remember 2009, when following the semi-finals of the FINAL4 an entire arena was screaming our town's name standing and waving their scarves acknowledging the outstanding performance we delivered against their favorites. That 85-78 defeat was to this day our closest game against them in Salamanca.
After last season they got a new head coach, not having lived up to the expectations on an international level, which have always been high in Salamanca. Two years ago only Fenerbahce were able to stop them at the gates of FINAL4, bt last year they couldn't even make it to the quarter finals. This is why they decided to change the personnel, and with Lino Lopez they have chosen a young head coach who is said to have a bright future ahead of himself, but for now doesn't have much experience.

When creating the roster of the team with an average age of 30 years they were aiming for consistency, just like we were. They managed to keep together a core of players capable of finishing each other's sentences, and they only made some minor adjustments to the roster featuring big Spanish names - Domínguez, Gil - and international players - De Souza, Angelica Robinson, Elonu, Givens. They have signed two experienced and a young Spanish player in the summer. Swedish Elin Eldebrink has stepped up in a lead role immediately, but 30-year-old Latvian Aija Putnina and 23-year-old Belen Arrojo were only sent on court to complete some partial goals.
They began the season with a difficult tour. Although at the home of Hatay they managed to score 80 points, but conceded 88, so they couldn't pull off a win. However, in the second round Würzburg Arena's fans were able to celebrate. They have forced overtime in the last second against Turkish side Fenerbahce who are on a whole different level, and they eventually came away with a win (88-82). This surprise win has given them such a big boost that swept away Riga in Latvia (56-68). Even though newcomers Riga were able to win in Hatay, and Kursk were also close to surrendering to them.

They have more than enough confidence going into Wednesday's game, but we are also not in a bad position in this area. Although we weren't able to cause an upset in Istanbul, we leveled up in our game, and success with the national teams must also have a positive effect on our players. On the other hand, a long break like this can bring a downfall in the quality of the game, we'll see which team will be able to keep in shape after the tip-off.

Before the game Amanda Zahui shared her thoughts with us.

The game can be followed at 20.30 on Wednesday via online statistics on the FIBA page and via live stream on Euroleague YouTube channel.

Sopron vs. Salamanca

7 games
2 wins/5 losses
478 points scored/530 conceded

- 2018-11-27

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