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Big win against PEAC thanks to a big team effort

In a game where many players got valuable minutes and made use of those we were able to defeat PEAC-Pécs with a fantastic team effort on both ends of the court.

Sopron Basket - PEAC-Pécs 92-43 (29-12, 22-0, 23-16, 18-15)

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky -, Turner 4, Czukor 2, Dupree 11, Határ 10 Sub.: Weninger 17/9, Crvendakic 14/6, Dubei 11/9, Zahui 10, Varga K. 5/3, Licskai 4, Salvadores 4

PEAC-Pécs: Vanloo 19/15, Wentzel 8, Gémes –Sarok 4/3, Tetemondova -, Imovbioh 5 Sub.: Barnai 4, Varga E. 3/3, Tenyér -


FGS: 37/78 47% ill. 15/59 25%

3-PTS: 9/28 32% ill. 7/23 30%

FTS: 9/9 100% ill. 6/14 43%

Rebounds: 55 (Határ 13) ill. 33 (Tetemondova 9)

Assists: 29 (Crvendakic 6) ill. 10 (Tetemondova 4)

Steals: 9 ill. 6

Turnovers: 10 ill. 17

Faults: 20 ill 13

Fotó: Tóth Zsombor
Candice launched the rockets early in the game, she made two baskets in a row (4-0). After an exchange of baskets between Imovbioh and Yvonne Betti kept our lead growing further (4th minute 8-2). Two minutes later the guests had to call their first time-out, because with a double by Dalma the difference has reached double digits for the first time (6th minute 16-6). The short pause proved ineffective, PEAC couldn't stop Yvonne on offense who came up with a double, and then handed an assist to Amanda after a steal, and then after a free throw made by the guests she created an open shot for Debi, who couldn't miss from downtown. That wasn't even her only basket, she buried two more from behind the arc to set the score for the first quarter (10th minute 29-12).

We began the second quarter with an even better effort on offense than in the first, and kept scoring, which resulted in a 6-0 run (14th minute 35-12). Two minutes later, both sides were unable to score, and Róbert Meszlényi called-a time-out to put an end to this situation. After the time-out Betti finally managed to make a lay-up and get us going again, closing down an almost five-minute long scoring drought (37-12), and then Virág added two more with a fine euro-step lay-up (18th minute 39-12). In the last two minutes of the period PEAC were still unable to make a shot, while we kept on delivering on offense, resulting in an unbelievable 39-point advantage at half-time, set by Virág, who made the entire arena burst into screaming with a huge triple right at the buzzer (20th minute 51-12).

Fotó: Tóth Zsombor
Vanloo got the second half going with two shots hit from behind the three-point line, and then Candice made a lay-up as a response (22nd minute 53-18). Vanloo made another shot from downtown after we put four points on the board, and when Candice buried a double while drawing a foul PEAC decided to talk it over (25th minute 59-22). Candice converted the and-one after the pause, and as an answer Varga hit a three, to which Aleks replied likewise. Vanloo was unstoppable in this period, she made another one from far away (27th minute 63-28). That was when we got back to the defensive effort we showed in the second quarter, and came up with an 11-0 run until the end of the period (30th minute 74-28).

Betti began the final stage of the game with a double off a spin move, and she added two more, before Sarok was able to convert a triple (32nd minute 78-31). After an exchange of baskets Licsi also made her first basket of the game, followed by a triple from Virág, increasing our lead to 50 points (34th minute 85-35)! Then PEAC came up with a 6-0 period before Licsi hit a double to put an end to the run, and Virág also added a three to our total (38th minute 90-43). In the last minutes we scored once again to set the final score in the game for a 49-point win (92-43).

Roberto Iniguez: I am satisfied with the way the team played today! We played after a very tough game in Salamanca, and performed well. On Thursday Kursk are up next, who are one of the best teams in Euroleague. We will do everything in our power, and keep working. We are facing a very tough series until the Christmas break.

Róbert Meszlényi: Congratulations to Sopron, they played aggressively, and very well. We came here in a very tough situation. We have a lot of injured players, and we had to send some junior players into battle today. As a result we were unable to show any form of resistance, but I am happy for our better periods in the second half. We have some important games coming up, so I hope our injured players will be able to come back as soon as possible, because it is very hard to work like this, and deliver results.

Zsófia Licskai: Today's was also an important game in the series, because we are preparing for the one against Kursk. We knew they had lots of injured players, but we wanted to show them our respect by giving our best for 40 minutes. We have more or less managed to do that.

Julie Vanloo: The result speaks for itself! We were playing against the best team in Hungary with many injured players, but that doesn't take anything away from their performance. This Sopron team is fantastic, they are quick, accurate, and they don't give their opponents any chance in the game. Congratulations to them!

- 2018-12-02

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