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We took revenge for the loss on the road

With a hot start we set the standards early in the game and came up with a crucial win at home against Carolo Basket.

Sopron Basket - Flammes Carolo Basket 80-52 (22-14, 20-11, 19-14, 19-13)

Sopron Basket: Turner 14/6, Casas 16/6, Crvendakic 15/9, Zahui 15/3, Dupree 8 Sub.: Jovanovic 9, Dubei 3/3, Fegyverneky -, Czukor -

Flammes Carolo Basket: Bouderra 8/6, Peters 17/3, Lewis 11/3, Hruscakova 6, Filip 4 Sub.: Paget 4, Chevaugeon 2, Mbsengo-Masa -


FGS: 33/61 54% ill. 19/56 34%

3-PTS: 9/15 60% ill. 4/15 27%

FTS: 5/6 83% ill. 10/13 77%

Rebounds: 31 (Crvendakic 7) ill. 33 (Hruscakova 6)

Assists: 23 (Turner 9) ill. 12 (Bouderra 6)

Steals: 4 (Casas 3) ill. 6 (Bouderra 2)

Turnovers: 8 ill. 14

Faults: 12 ill. 12

EFF: 104 (Casas 27) ill. 50 (Bouderra 11)

Photo: Zsombor Tóth
We began the game with a 5-0 run led by Amanda and Aleks, but then the guests made two baskets in a row to make it tight again (5-4). Then Queralt went through the French lines of defense easily for a lay-up, followed by a triple by Yvonne, forcing the away team's first time-out in the game (4th minute 10-4). Peters buried a three after the break to reduce the gap, to which Yvonne answered back a while later with a lay-up. Aleks and Peters exchanged baskets, and then Candice made a nice shot from close in off a beautiful spin move (8th minute 16-10). In the remaining time in the quarter we have reached a double-digit lead, but then Peters hit another double to keep her team in the reach (10th minute 22-14).

Carolo Basket opened the second period with two successful shots from the line, to which Tina answered back with a lay-up. Paget acted likewise, reducing our lead to six points (14th minute 24-18). Then after a couple more unsuccessful offensive possessions Roberto Iniguez called his first time-out in the game. The lengthy scoring drought was put an end to by Queralt, but then the French were able to score as well. After two consecutive threes made by Aleks and Amanda the guests called time again (34-22). After the short pause Peters hit a free throw, to which Queralt answered back with a huge three, and because Amanda drew an off-ball foul, she earned two free throws as well, both of which she managed to convert into points (39-23). Peters was also successful from the line, and with 25 seconds on the clock Roberto Iniguez called his next time-out. The last moment of the half was a buzzer-beating triple by Aleks, resulting in a very comfortable lead halfway through the game (20th minute 42-25).

Photo: Zsombor Tóth
Yvonne opened the second half from the line, to which Bouderra answered back with a corner three after a steal, and then Candice also made a lay-up, to which Peters answered back likewise (23rd minute 46-30). Amanda made a double, to which Lewis answered back from behind the arc. A big shoot-out was going on on the court, both sides were making use of their opportunities (25th minute 52-35). Yvonne ran down the court and dished out an assist to Candice, forcing the guests' next time-out (54-35). She was still in spotlight after the short break, our lead grew over twenty points for the first time in the game with the triple she hit, to which Aleks added two more points from mid-range (59-35). In the last minutes the guests managed to scrub off two points of the margin, but our lead was still way more than sufficient before the final stage of the game (30th minute 61-39).

Queralt made the first basket of the fourth quarter after a big defensive effort and a steal, and then she hit another one after grabbing an offensive rebound (33rd minute 65-39). Then Carolo Basket made an effort to come back, and when they made two baskets in a row unanswered, Roberto Iniguez called a time-out to talk it over. (65-43). Following the break Queralt buried a big three, but then after a missed shot Candice drew a technical foul. The foul shot was missed afterwards, but Peters was able to convert the possession into a double (36th minute 68-47). A minute later Queralt and Bouderra exchanged baskets which set the difference at twenty points, and then Hruscakova brought her team even closer. Queralt and Tina both made shots from close in, and at the other end we mostly managed to keep Carolo Basket from scoring (75-52). We closed the game with a 5-0 run with a triple by Debi and a lay-up under the rim by Amanda off a spectacular assist by Aleks (40th minute 80-52).

Roberto Iniguez: This game cannot be compared to the one we played in the first round. We have many difficulties to deal with now. Betti's injury, Tina has just come back, Zsófi played, however, without practice. It is very hard to work like this, to prepare for the games. The work th team is doing is incredible, they are not looking for excuses. They are going forward with ambition, they know that we are on the right way, and our defense is getting closer and closer to perfect. I told them in the ocker room that I am very proud of them, but I am also worried, because I don't know how long we can keep up this level in this situation. We'll keep going forward!

Romuald Yernaux: It was a very hard game. The biggest difference between the two teams was physically, Sopron put a lot of pressure on us, so we couldn't find our rhythm. We tried to give our best but that just wasn't enough today. In the second stage of the first half we had a bad period from which there was no coming back.

Tina Jovanovic: I was very excited, this was a big day for me! It was nice to be a part of the team on court again. It was very difficult, especially at the beginning, but I tried to help my teammates, and I hope that with more play time a better form will come.

Ana Maria Filip: It was an intense game, big pace, which gave us many difficulties. With that we gave our opponents a bigger confidence, Unfortunately, we couldn't react to the increased pace.

- 2019-01-10

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