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Ready to roll!

The new season is starting in the domestic league at the weekend. Our team will begin their campaign on the home court of NKE-FCSM Csata, who have got talented Hungarians as well as international players on their roster, from 7 pm on Saturday at Ludovika Arna.

Even as rookies last year the team from the capital had big plans, which brought them a 7th place in the regular season. However, they weren't able to keep that spot in the play-offs against PEAC-Pcs and finished 8th. With a one-year experience behind them they would like to make another step forward and earn a EuroCup Women spot. To achieve this goal experienced 30-year-old Euroleague and WNBA player Emma Cannon could be of great help, to whom head coach Krisztin Tursics and his coaching staff clearly assigned a leadership role on the team. They could also easily build on the talents of fellow American 191 cm's tall Megan Gustafsson, as well as Zala Friskovec, the rising star of Slovenian basketball who is barely even 20 years old, and already made herself a name in senior basketball. From the Hungarian core Rka Lelik will be an important player, since she has made it to the European championship with the national team! We can be sure that they will give a hard time to their opponents this year as well.

Our team has had a successful pre-season. As head coach Dvid Gspr said "Our strengths and weaknesses that we have to work on have shown. We have done valuable work, according to our plans, we'll see where that will get us in a real competitive game." In this period we were still missing our American international player, but Briann January has also arrived on Wednesday making our roster complete. She will need a couple of days to adjust for sure, but she has joined in the work on Thursday.

As it was stated by the board of our club on the Media Day on Monday the Hungarian league keeps getting more and more competitive year after year, but we mostly have to concentrate on ourselves and keep doing the hard and high quality work that has led us to success in past seasons. Our main goal for this season will be to overcome ourselves, which we are aiming to fulfill with a talented and well-prepared head coach, Dvid Gspr and many young players on the roster. We want to make progress patiently, practice by practice, game by game, in which we have to always give our best. To quote our team captain Zsfia Fegyverneky: "I am sure we'll have a lovable team! We will carry on the perspective, the hard work, professionalism, that characterized us in former years! We are eagerly waiting for the season to start!"

Before the game against Csata Debra Dubei and Aleksandra Crvendakic stood in front of our cameras, with whom we also took a look back on the pre-season.

The game can be followed via live online statistics at the official site of the Hungarian Federation.

Sopron vs. Csata DSE

2 games/2 wins
197 points scored/113 conceded

Games in the last season

Sopron Basket – NKE-FCSM Csata 93-55
NKE-FCSM Csata – Sopron Basket 58-104

- 2019-09-27

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Tovbbi hireink
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We managed to get on the front foot early in the game and then fought off every single comeback effort by the French to collect our first road win in the new Euroleague season
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The most prestigious international women's competition, the Euroleague is getting started on Wednesday
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Szerdn elrajtol a legrangosabb nemzetkzi ni kosrlabda sorozat, az Euroliga
10/14 20:59
    Tasting the fabulous ZAKAnT
The board of our club and the coaching staff have been invited by Tmea Szarjas Hotel Director and Istvn Soltsz Executive Director to Hotel Sopron for a lunch meeting
10/14 15:21
    Megkstolhattuk a ZAKAnT mess zeit
Klubunk vezetsge s csapatunk szakmai stbja Szarjas Tmea szlloda igazgat s Soltsz Istvn zemeltetsi igazgat meghvsra a Hotel Sopronban vendgeskedett egy beszlgetssel egybekttt ebd erejig
10/14 15:20
    Euroligs csoportellenfelet gyztt le a BLMA
A csoportunk msik francia csapata, a Lyon magabiztos legyzsvel melegtett az Euroliga rajtjra a Montpellier
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We have one league game ahead of us before the Euroleague season begins next week
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Mg egy bajnoki van elttnk a jv heti Euroliga rajt eltt
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TF put up a good fight in the first half but we managed to crack their defense and got another confident win in the league
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    On the road at the newly promoted
Our schedule is getting crowded from now on, since we are switching to a two games per week rhythm
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    A bravrosan kezd jonchoz utazunk
Felprg a menetrendnk mostantl, miutn bellunk a heti kt mrkzses ritmusra
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    BLMA start off season with a victory
Our first rivals in Euroleague, French side BLMA won their first championship game of the new season
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    Gyzelemmel kezdett a BLMA
Idei els Euroligs ellenfelnk, a francia BLMA megnyerte els tallkozjt az j bajnoki szezonban
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    Confident victory on the festive home season opener
After a couple of minute we took charge in the game and came away with a big win in our first home game of the season
10/05 21:16

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