Keres�s:     2020 febru�r 28. p�ntek

First game, first win in Budapest

Csata made us fight for the victory in our first competitive game of the new season but we completed the task and came away with the Win.

NKE-FCSM Csata - Sopron Basket 63-81 (18-19, 7-24, 17-24, 21-14)

NKE-FCSM Csata: Horvth B. 8, Cannon 13/3, Lelik 11/3, Friskovec 11/6, Gustafson 17 Sub.: Radcz 3/3, Angyal -, Mnyoky R. -, Boros -

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 8, Czukor 2, Crvendakic 17/3, Brooks 20/12, Krajisnik 2 Sub.: Dubei 11/3, January 8/6, Weninger 5/3, Varga A. 5/3, Hatr 3


2-PTS: 21/33 64% ill. 18/41 44%

3-PTS: 5/16 31% ill. 10/23 44%

FTS: 6/7 86% ill. 15/17 88%

Rebounds: 28 (Gustafson 10) ill. 39 (Hatr 9)

Assists: 17 (Horvth B. 7) ill. 20 (January 8)

Steals: 5 (Gustafson 2) ill. 7 (Crvendakic 3)

Turnovers: 16 ill. 9

Faults: 20 ill. 16

VAL: 65 (Gustafson 33) ill. 108 (Crvendakic 26)

Friskovec opened the scoring for the home side, but then Jeca was able to answer back right away with a double of her own. After that the Slovenian guard managed to bury a shot from downtown as well, putting her team back in the lead, to which Gustafsson added a lay-up (7-2). Approaching the middle of the quarter we were able to come back to a single-point deficit, and then a bit later we even took over the lead after two successful foul shots by Aleks (6th minute 11-12). Even though we managed to stay in the lead, we were unable to make it bigger, the tight first quarter ended with a basket by Csata (10th minute 18-19).

Alz began the second period with a triple, to which Rka Lelik answered back likewise at the other end. Then Betti made two free throws, to which Zsfi added one of her signature mid-range jumpers, followed by an assist to Briann, who buried one from downtown to force the home side's first time-out in the game (15th minute 21-29). Coming back on court Cannon made two foul shots for Csata, but then Briann hit the target from mid-range. After another time-out by Csata Jeca made a double to increase our lead into the double-digit region for the first time in the game (25-35). In the remainder until half-time we were finally able to pull away to a safe distance on a run led by Zsfi and Aleks, and went to break in possession of an 18-point advantage (20th minute 25-43).

Cannon hit a double to start the second half, while at the other end Jeca buried a three off an assist by Zsfi. However, Cannon kept scoring, this time she was successful from behind the three-point line. After that Aleks split a pair at the foul line, and then the three-point shoot-out continued: Friskovec made one and Jeca hit two from behind the arc increasing our lead to twenty (24th minute 33-53). Following an exchange of buckets between Lelik and Jeca coach Krisztin Tursics called his next time-out to try and stop us on offense (35-56). In the remaining time in the quarter we managed to grow our lead even bigger and were in a good position to close it down (30th minute 42-67).

The final stage of the game began with a triple by Virg, and then Lelik hit a lay-up for two (32nd minute 44-70). After that Gustafsson came up with a three-point play, which was followed by an exchange of buckets between her and Debi. Approaching the middle of the quarter Csata were on a run to cut into their deficit, forcing Dvid Gspr to call a time-out (35th minute 53-74). After the short break Csata kept scoring, and came all the way down to a 15-point difference, when Betti and Briann made shots to regain confidence for our side, and then we closed the game on a high note (40th minute 63-81).

Dvid Gspr: There were big expectations before the game, we prepared very seriously against Csata. We wanted to see how the season opener and the work we put in would show in our first official game. I am very happy and I want to say congratulations to the team for starting the season with a win! It was great to see so many Sopron fans come, it felt great to all of us! They created an atmosphere like home in the arena. The game also had a lesson for us to learn. We would like to analyze the fourth quarter and fix the mistakes we made there later on.

- 2019-09-28

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    FIBA has made their decision: The international season is over for us
In the evening FIBA has notified our club regarding their decision about the cancelled game against Schio due to the corona virus, according to which they gave the game to the Italians with a 20-0 result and we didn't get the one point for showing up either
02/27 21:17
    FIBA postpone decision
As it is known first our club then TTT Riga's board has decided that they won't travel to the Euroleague game moved from the corona virus infested Northern Italy to Ljubljana in Slovenia
02/26 18:45
    Elnapolta dntst a FIBA
Mint ismert a keddi napon elbb klubunk, majd a lett TTT Riga vezetsge is gy dnttt, hogy nem utazik el a Nemzetkzi Kosrlabda Szvetsg (FIBA) ltal a koronavrussal fertztt szak-Olaszorszgbl, a szlovn Ljubljanba thelyezett Euroliga mrkzsre
02/26 18:19
    Decision has been made: We will not travelling!
Representing the town of Sopron mayor Dr
02/25 11:09
    Felels dnts szletett: Nem utazunk!
Sopron M
02/25 10:15
    Nincs mg dnts
Klubunk vezetse a mai napon tbb szntren is konzultcit folytatott a rohamosan terjed szak-olaszorszgi koronavrus fertzs kapcsn, mely lezrsokat vont maga utn abban a tartomnyban, ahol szerdn este Euroliga mrkzsen kellene plyra lpnie csapatunknak
02/24 20:17
    It’s raining baskets
Gdynia make it over one hundred in the league
02/24 09:19
    Kosres htvgre
Szz fl jutott a Gdynia a bajnoksgban
02/24 09:16
    1000 wins overall
We took revenge for our only loss in the league against PEAC by collecting our 1000th win in club history
02/23 20:11
    Itt az ezredik klub siker!
Trtnelmi gyzelmet arattunk a PEAC-Pcs elleni bajnokin, mellyel egyttal a bajnoki alapszakaszt is megnyertk
02/23 19:58
Az szak-olaszorszgi Lombardia s Veneto tartomnyokban a napokban felttte fejt az emberi letre veszlyes koronavrus, a megbetegedsek szma rrl-rra nvekszik
02/23 10:38
    A chance to secure top spot in regular season
From 6 pm on Sunday we are hosting the only team that managed to beat us is the Hungarian league this season so far
02/22 10:20
    Bebetonozhatjuk az alapszakasz-gyzelmet!
Vasrnap 18 rtl azt az egyetlen magyar csapatot ltjuk vendgl, akiknek idn sikerlt a magyar bajnoksgban legyzni minket
02/22 10:14
    Briann January staying with us for the next season!
As our team is heading towards their goals our board is building up next year's roster
02/21 22:28
    Briann January jvre is minket erst!
Ahogy csapatunk lpsenknt halad a cljai fel, gy pti vezetsnk is a kvetkez vi jtkosllomnyt
02/21 19:57
    It was up for grabs until the final minutes
We played a very tight game against one of the best teams in Euroleague but they wore us down in the end and collected a much needed victory
02/20 22:35
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A harmadik negyedben egy 14-0-s extra peridussal fordtott a Kurszk, melyet mr minden igyekezetnk ellenre sem tudtunk behozni
02/20 22:07
    Betti Hatr: Sopron and Indiana
Another important piece of the mosaic has fallen into place! Our center Bernadett Hatr whp is also a member of the Hungarian national team has agreed to stay with us for another season! Also, we are poud to announce that she has signed an open contract with the Indiana Fever in the WNBA!
02/19 15:37
    Hatr Betti: Sopron s Indiana
jabb fontos mozaikdarab kerlt a helyre! Csapatunk magyar vlogatott centere, Hatr Bernadett a kvetkez szezonban is klubunkat ersti! Egyttal bszkn jelenthetjk be, hogy Betti nyitott szerzdst rt al az Indiana Fever WNBA alakulathoz!
02/19 15:36
    It's the endgame!
After three weeks the ball is bouncing again in Euroleague! From 8 (!) pm on Thursday we are hosting Russian giants and last year's runners-up Dynamo Kursk in Novomatic Arna
02/19 08:21

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