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Another great win at home

We played a useful game against BEAC in the last league game before the start of the Euroleague season.

Sopron Basket - ELTE-BEAC jbuda 82-46 (19-14, 25-10, 16-16, 22-6)

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 3/3, Czukor 1, Crvendakic 12/6, Brooks 12, Hatr 15 Sub.: Krajisnik 13, Dubei 12/3, Varga A. 6, Weninger V. 5/3, January 3, Varga K. -, Varga S. -

ELTE-BEAC jbuda: Li 4, Szab D. 3/3, Laklth 5, Mrsz 7, Fogg 12 Sub.: Benke S. 5/3, Juhsz 4, Laufer 4, Galntai 2, Gyrgy -


FGS: 33/74 45% ill. 16/54 30%

3-PTS: 5/16 31% ill. 2/16 13%

FTS: 11/18 61% ill. 12/18 67%

Rebounds: 46 (Crvendakic 11) ill. 38 (Mrsz 7)

Assists: 32 (January 8) ill. 13 (Li 6)

Steals: 12 (Hatr 3) ill. 5

Turnovers: 7 ill. 21

Faults: 18 ill. 18

VAL: 119 (Krajisnik 23) ill. 38 (Fogg 11)

Mrsz got the game going with a lay-up, and Betti did the same for us at the other end, to which Aleks added a successful shot from three (2nd minute 5-2). Approaching the middle of the quarter we were about to pull away, when Szab hit a triple which kept them close to us (9-7). After that we came up with a 6-0 run to get some air, but Benke was able to answer to Debi's shot from behind the arc with one of her own (8th minute 14-11). By the end of the period the game was still close, but we were in a slight advantage (10th minute 19-14).

Photo: Zsombor Tth
Tina opened the second quarter with an easy lay-up off an assist by Briann, and then Alz and Virg copied their actions for another one forcing Judit Balogh's first time-out in the game (12th minute 25-14). Tina made a lay-up after the short break and then Alz converted two foul shots into points. Our Hungarian power forward made a field goal for two after that, stretching our scoring run to 12-0 before Juhsz put an end to it with a double (15th minute 31-16). Then we were able to take it up a notch, and come up with another scoring run, increasing our lead to twenty points before the end of the half (20th minute 44-24).

Fogg began the second half with two successful free throws, while Briann split the pair at the other end (45-26). Approaching the middle of the low-scoring third quarter neither side was able to gain momentum, but we were still holding on to our lead we had at the break. However, a little bit after that Dvid Gspr decided that he had seen enough and called his team to the bench to talk things over (26th minute 55-30). Fogg made two foul shots when the teams came back on court, to which Alz answered back from mid-range. In the next couple of minutes BEAC switched gears and came up with a 10-2 run to force our next time-out (57-40). Zsfi hit a triple after the pause setting the score for the period (30th minute 60-40).

Betti got the final stage of the game going with a lay-up after grabbing an offensive rebound, and then Aleks hit a corner three. We kept scoring, Betti made a lay-up, and then converted the and-one as well (33rd minute 68-40). After that Jeca hit a double to increase our lead to thirty, and when Briann scored off a steal Judit Balogh called her team to the bench for a time-out to stop our scoring run (72-40). Fogg beat Tina for a lay-up after the break, but our center didn't remain in debt for long, she made a lay-up at the other end. In the next few minutes both teams were struggling on offense, but then Debi hit a three with a little less than a minute left on the clock setting the final score in the game (40th minute 82-46).

Dvid Gspr: I think not all of my players took their chance today. All twelve of them played, and it obviously means that if we break up a group of five people who work well together the team will lose their rhythm, and periods with less focus will come. Of course, BEAC also played a big role in that, they played well and nicely in these periods. We can't afford to do that whatever the line-up is on court! From now on we are focusing on our upcoming game, which will be a huge challenge!

Bernadett Hatr: We didn't fully take advantage of the chances we had. It doesn't matter who is on the other side, we always have to be hundred percent focused, because this performance won't be enough on Wednesday. We mostly have to work on our defense, so we'll go back to the gym and do that!

Judit Balogh: Sopron was the fourth stop in our tour of the country. We didn't come here in vain, and not just because we could visit the best buffet of the country, but also because in 15 years it happened for the first time that we had some good moments, and the difference might have been the smallest between the sides recently. We are still at the beginning of the road, but I think we got this! We keep improving, and what matters is to stay positive!

Gabriella Laufer: Congratulations to Sopron! We tried to give our best, which we were more or less able to do. However, we still have to improve our defense, and that's what we will do in practice, so that we can execute in a competitive game and be more successful.

- 2019-10-12

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