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Hurtful loss against Gdynia

We played a game that went down to the wire against Gdynia in Euroleague but the Polish had the last laugh in this nail-biter.

Sopron Basket – Arka Gdynia 59-61 (14-15, 18-18, 15-17, 12-11)

Sopron Basket: January 7, Fegyverneky 8, Weninger 6/3, Crvendakic 14, Hatr 12 Sub.: Jovanovic 7, Dubei 5/3, Varga A. -

Arka Gdynia: Balintova 1, Kastanek 8/6, Allen 13/6, Papova 2, Glich 22 Sub.: Rembiszewska 6/3, Slamova 5, Greinacher 4, Podgorna -


FGS: 20/56 36% ill. 25/54 46%

3-PTS: 3/16 19% ill. 5/15 33%

FTS: 16/19 84% ill. 6/10 60%

Rebounds: 38 (Hatr 11) ill. 25 (Kastanek 4)

Assists: 14 (Fegyverneky 7) ill. 18 (Kastanek 8)

Steals: 5 ill. 5

Turnovers: 15 ill. 12

Faults: 18 ill. 23

EFF: 64 (Hatr 19) ill. 69 (Glich 24)

Papov got the game going with a double, to which Betti answered back with two successful shots from the foul line. Then Papova and Zsfi exchanged buckets. Allen and Papova kept scoring for the Polish, while on our side we could only register one more made shot by Zsfi (5th minute 6-9). With three minutes left on the clock Briann made a double from mid-range to reduce the gap to one, but then Gdynia managed to score twice in a row to go over one possession again (10-15). However, we closed the first quarter with four points unanswered, coming back to being down by a single point again (10th minute 14-15).

Slamov opened the second period by making three consecutive free throws after getting fouled in the act of shooting, to which Virg answered back with a shot from outside, and then Tina tied the game up by making one of two from the line (12th minute 18-18). A bit later Aleks made a jumpshot from the foul line, giving us the lead for the first time in the game (22-21). It didn't last long, though, Gdynia were able to react right away, forcing our first time-out. A little bit later it was coach Ventra's turn to call his team to the bench because they were still unable to crack our defense and pull further away from us (16th minute 24-25). Glich and Aleks exchanged buckets after the short pause, to which Allen added a double on the away side. The Polish kept scoring and we didn't seem to be able to stop them, so coach Dvid Gspr called another time-out to try and put an end to their run (26-33). Zsfi and Briann put four points on the scoreboard after the break forcing Gdynia's next time-out (30-33). Two free throws by Aleks closed the first half with us still being down by one (20th minute 32-33).

Betti made a lay-up to regain the lead off a nice assist by Zsfi, to which Glich immediately reacted with a double of her own. Our center was unstoppable in this period, she made three consecutive shots to secure our advantage (23rd minute 38-35). A bit later it was still a tight game, however, we were in the lead, which was made even more secure by two successful foul shots by Tina (28th minute 45-41). Gdynia ended the period with a 9-2 run taking over the lead again (30th minute 47-50).

Briann drew an unsportsmanlike foul on Slamov to open the final stage of the game, and then split a pair of free throws. Our scoring drought afterward lasted a very long time, so coach Dvid Gspr had to call yet another time-out to try and figure something out (34th minute 48-55). Aleks came up with a mid-range double after the short pause, to which Rembiszewska answered back from the corner with a triple. Since we couldn't cut into our deficit further Dvid Gspr called his next time-out (36th minute 51-58). Aleks made a double from inside the paint, to which Glich replied with a lay-up of her own. Then Virg got the ball from Zsfi wide open in the corner and buried a huge triple forcing Gdynia's next time-out (37th minute 56-60)! Zsfi beat her defender one-on-one for a lay-up that reduced the gap between the sides to two points, and after a free throw by Aleks the difference was all the way down to a single point! The Polish put one more inbetween from the foul line setting the final score as Gdynia come up with their second victory in a row (40th minute 59-61)!

Dvid Gspr: We played a very tough and well-structured defense, in many cases there were stops on defense that we have prepared for, we analyzed these a lot. In many endings where a bigger difference formed we bounced back but unfortunately, we had problems with finishing and creating chances. We were forced to play in a different structure, for which we prepared, but of course, there can be flaws in that which could affect the flow of the game. We will work on that and I hope that good defense will pair up with a better shooting percentage in upcoming games. The players a re putting in a lot of work to get there, and I hope we can finally see that hard work pays off!

Zsfia Fegyverneky: I'm a little bit disappointed. We were there for forty minutes, we fought hard, but there are no easy opponents in Euroleague. Gdynia is a well-organized team, they are very good on defense, and our biggest problem on offense today was that even though we had our chances we were not accurate when it came to finishing. We prepared for the game, we executed what we were talking about before the game on defense, but the plays weren't going as smoothly in this unusual structure.

Gundars Vetra: We are very happy! Last time out we got our first win in Euroleague and now we managed to do so on the road, which is a positive feedback for us! We came up with two victories in a row in two very tight games. We concentrated well all the way through, we did a great job, and when we needed, we won the game! I wish Sopron the best of luck!

Barbora Blintov: It was a very difficult game! Tough victory, I am proud and happy! It could mean a lot in this group!

- 2019-11-28

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