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Our Managing Director to receive this year's Pro Urbe Award!

The city council of Sopron has made the decision about the recipients of the town's awards in an anonymous vote. One of the two most prestigious awards, the honorary citizen's award will be received by tennis player Tmea Babos while the Pro Urbe Award will go to our managing director Zoltn Trk!

Zoltn Trk has been managing our club for nearly three decades, which he has taken to be one of the main hubs of European women's basketball. Him being the leader of a club for the longest time in Euroleague says it all about stability!

Under his leadership our Civitas Fidelissima Award-winning club has earned the right to participate in the FINAL4 three times, in one of which the club has made it to the final. As the leader of our club that has one triumph in Ronchetti Cup, 13 Hungarian league titles and 8 Hungarian Cup titles and the manager of Raaabersport kft. that operates Novomatic Arna he has made his mark as the creator of many great, iconic sports and cultural events as well, increasing the club and the town's reputation.

The awards will be handed out to the recipients as part of the Day of Fidelity town ceremony.

We hereby congratulate our managing Director!

- 2019-11-30

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We lost focus for a single quarter which cost us the game and put an end to our unbeaten record in the league
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    Our Managing Director to receive this year's Pro Urbe Award!
The city council of Sopron has made the decision about the recipients of the town's awards in an anonymous vote
11/30 13:19
    Important station in the league coming up
After the tough battle against Gdynia our team will head to Pcs where we will look to keep our unbeaten streak alive in the league
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A Gdynia elleni kemny tkzet utn Pcsre vezet csapatunk tja, ahol a PEAC vendgeknt szeretnnk megrizni bajnoki veretlensgnket
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    gyvezetnk kapja az idei Pro Urbe-djat!
Sopron Megyei Jog Vros Kzgylse titkos szavazs keretben dnttt az idei vrosi kitntetsek odatlsrl
11/29 13:30

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