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Semi-finals reached!

We managed to beat DVTK in a real nail-biter which means that we have a spot in tomorrow’s semi-finals in the Hungarian Cup.

ALUINVENT-DVTK - Sopron Basket 55-62 (20-19, 11-18, 12-14, 12-11)


ALUINVENT-DVTK: Medgyessy 12/6, Walker-Kimborough 9, Skoric 4, Goree 15/3, Morrison 5 Sub.: Pusztai P. 4, Kiss A. 4, Szcs L. 2, Zele -, Knysi -

Sopron Basket: January 7/3, Fegyverneky 7/3, Crvendakic 11/3, Brooks 15, Hatr 9 Sub.: Jovanovic 7, Dupree 4, Dubei 2


2-PTS: 18/40 45% ill. 20/41 49%

3-PTS: 3/16 19% ill. 3/16 19%

FTS: 10/15 67% ill. 13/17 77%

Rebounds: 36 (Goree 8) ill. 36 (Crvendakic 10)

Assists: 9 (Medgyessy 5) ill. 14 (January, Crvendakic 4-4)

Steals: 5 (Walker-Kimborough 3) ill. 10 (Crvendakic 4)

Turnovers: 18 ill. 15

Faults: 18 ill. 19

VAL: 69 (Goree 20) ill. 90 (Crvendakic 20)

The game began with two quick baskets by Aleks, hile Medgyessy made a lay-up. This first basket got Miskolc into rhythm, they were on a 7-0 run before Zsfi managed to score for us again (7-6). We kept the momentum alive and built up a six-point advantage (5th minute 7-13). We were always a step ahead of Miskolc, but we couldn’t pull away from them. What’s more, we even gave away the lead after a shot from behind the arc by Walker-Kimbrough, which meant that we were looking ahead for the rest of the game trailing by one (10th minute 20-19).

The the second period began with a lot of mistakes, we could only register two free throws and a lay-up, fortunately for us all were made by Betti. Tina added a three-point play to that, which gave us a six-point advantage again (14th minute 20-26). After a time-out we managed to keep up the good work and increased our lead to double digits, forcing Lszl Cziczs to call his team to the bench again (20-30). Szcs and Jeca exchanged buckets after the short break, to which Briann added an open three. Then Goree copied her actions at the other end. Disgyr managed to come a little closer by half-time, but the teams still went into the break with a six-point Sopron lead (20th minute 31-37).

A corner three by Zsfi got the second half going, then Goree came up with a lay-up. After that Skoric buried a difficult double to decrease her team’s deficit even further (22nd minute 35-40). We found our rhythm again in the next few minutes, and built up an eight-point advantage after a three-point play by Betti, but then Skoric made two of three from the charity stripe, which tied up the score in the period (27th minute 41-47). We turned to the last period in possession of an eight-point advantage (30th minute 43-51).

Two mid-range jumpers by Pusztai opened the final stage of the game, to which Candice answered back twice from close in. Both teams did well on defense, and after two successful foul shots by Walker-Kimbrough DVTK came back down to a four-point deficit forcing Dvid Gspr to call his next time-out (34th minute 51-55). DVTK came back to being down by two, but then Aleks hit a nice triple securing our lead. What’s more, with ninety seconds remaining on the game clock we were in a nine-point lead after a lay-up by Jeca, and Goree set the final score with a shot from close in (40th minute 55-62).

Gspr Dvid: Opposed to the league game at the weekend this time defense was dominant rather than spectacle. Both teams were focused and tried to limit the number of easy baskets. As a result both sides shot with a quite bad percentage. Our goal was to keep DVTK and their great shooters to as few points as possible. The 55 points conceded tells us that we managed to do so! It was a difficult game for us. Congratulations are in order for the team, they gave their best and we managed to win thanks to one of our greatest weapons, our defense, on which we have been relying all season.

Aleksandra Crvendakic: It was a good game, in which we out emphasis on our defense. Congratulations to our opponents, they fought well today, too. We had some problems in the second half but it is hard to be on top for 40 minutes against a team like Miskolc. We will fix our mistakes by tomorrow.

- 2020-03-05

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03/05 17:17
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03/04 12:13

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