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Roster Announcement

Our club has completed the creation of the roster for the 2020/2021 season. You can find the thoughts of our managing director below.

Dear Supporters!

The previous season has put all of us in a tough position. Among many difficulties with a short-cut season behind us we have finished with a cup gold medal, and perhaps I am not alone with the thought that I am missing some things, because additional success didn't fall through due to our performance on the court.

Speaking about the financial position of our club I have to say that multiple negative effects have hit us at the same time, which had forced us to reconsider some plans. It is still possible that we will have to make additional corrections during the season, which could hurt us a lot in the second half of the season.

About the team of the next season I would like to tell you how the roster was formed.

Let's begin with those who are leaving. With the departure of Candice Dupree, Debra Dubei, Virg Weninger and Aleksandra Crvendakic we are losing four players. Just like last year, we were unable to offer Candice a new contract, and this time we were unable to grant her an open spot in case she wanted t ojoin us later on. Debi, Virg and Aleks have got an offer for contract extension from us, but all three of them has decided to leave. Their loss is a huge damage to us and now we have to work so that our next season wouldn't be about their absence. We wish all of them the best of luck for their future career!

I would like to pause here for a second, because we have to talk about the fact that even three months earlier we had a completely different plan for the future. During the creation of our roster, however, we had to reconsider everything and come up with a new plan. I would like to stress that our goal was to create a different roster. Finally, we made the decision to sacrifice the depth of the roster and start the new season with a team that can be very risky, but at the same time might be able to sustain our competitiveness in Euroleague and secure a spot among the top teams in the league with a real chance to compete for the gold medals.

The contract extensions of team captain Zsfia Fegyverneky, Jelena Brooks, Tina Krajisnik-Jovanovic, Bernadett Hatr, Briann January, Dalma Czukor, Alz Varga and Sra Varga has been announced earlier, We managed to reach an agreement about the future with Kamilla Varga and joining our roster - with a three-year contract - will be Virg Pfeiffer, a great talent from our Sports Academy.

I can only announce two new signings in Gabby Williams (with a French passport) and Megan Walker. Why did we choose them?

Both players are very young, and have attended the American UConn University. Gabby has already made her debut in Euroleague this season. Megan entered the WNBA Draft cutting her university studies short, and will make her professional debut in Europe with Sopron. It was not a secret that we wanted to acquire all-around players with a high tactical awareness who can play the same level in multiple positions, because their objectives will be no less than to fill in the gap left by the players that have left the club.

From our very tight and drastically lowered financial possibilities we have created a status for 2 instead of 4 players.

Our coaching staff will keep working with the same personnel, since head coach Dvid Gspr, mentor Stevan Karadzic, Mikls Laczka analyst and assistant coach and physical trainer Rbert Szegedi will stay with our club.

The organization of the next season is still a big question, especially in case of international games, as well as our pre-season schedule, but we hope that we can keep marching on from the autumn in front of a big crowd.

I wish all of you good health, SOPRON FOREVER!

Sopron Basket Roster 2020/2021

Name Position

Zsfi Fegyverneky 1-2
Briann January (USA) 1
Kamilla Varga 1
Sra Varga 1
Virg Pfeiffer 2
Gabby Williams (FRA) 2-3-4-1
Dalma Czukor 3
Megan Walker (USA) 3-4
Alz Varga 4
Jelena Brooks (hungarian status) 4-5-3
Bernadett Hatr 5
Tina Krajisnik-Jovanovic (SRB) 5

Headcoach: Gspr Dvid
Coach: Laczka Mikls
Conditional coach: Szegedi Rbert
Mentor: Stevan Karadzic

- 2020-05-15

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