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The Turkish were unable to take Sopron

We got into this season with a new head coach and a roster that was even younger than before, and the beginning of it was above all expectations. We called attention to ourselves back in the forst round in France with a win already, which we managed to top with the acquiry of the scalp of Fenerbahce!


The Turkish began the game with a 5-0 run based on baskets by Iagupova and Zandalasini, and then we managed to score our fist points with a shot by Zsófi (2nd minute 2-5). Both sides came up with a great showing on defense, so there were not many points scored in the first period, but with a basket by Aleks we caught up with our opponents before the end of the first period (10th minute 11-11).

The second quarter didn’t start according to plan for us. The Turkish came up with a 7-0 run and we lost Betti to an injury following an encounter under the basket forcing Dávid Gáspár’s time-out (12th minute 11-18). Unfortunately, we were unable to come closer to our opponents afterwards either, what’s more, 16 minutes into the game we were already trailing by ten (13-23). Zsófi scored five points in two minutes, which gave pace to the team and we came back to one before the half-time break (20th minute 24-25).

We opened the third period with a 9-2 run led by Aleks, Briann and Zsófi, and then Victor Lapena called his team to the bench for a time-out (23rd minute 33-27). Three minutes later we were already in an advantage over ten points playing in ecstasy (40-29). Fener was able to cut into it a little by the end of the quarter, but we were still in a good position ahead of the final ten minutes (30th minute 46-37).

The final period brought a great battle, in which we were in the saddle for a while, but with four minutes on the game clock our lead got down to three points (36th minute 53-50). What’s more, after a debatable basket by Zandalasini the score was tied. Jeca and Tina managed to sore at the best time, giving us a five-point lead re-gaining the lead for us, and in the 39th minute we were still five points ahead (60-55). There were some exciting moments in the last minute, too, but everything turned out the best way, which meant that we had collected a big scalp at home in Euroleague (40th minute 62-60)!


Sopron Basket - Fenerbahce SK 62-60 (11-11, 13-14, 22-12, 16-23)

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 14/6, January 16/3, Crvendakic 13, Brooks 9/3, Jovanovic 9 Cs.: Határ 1, Dubei -, Weninger -
Fenerbahce SK: Cruz 4, Iagupova 12/6, Zandalasini 16/9, Stokes 8, Williams 8 Cs.: Cakir 11/3, Canitez 1, Uzun -, Cora -


Dávid Gáspár: I am so happy! Congratulation to the team! They've done an excellent job! We have reached our main goal for the season: Overcoming ourselves by doing the hardest work imaginable. Today we can be happy about this victory, but tomorrow we have to get back to the ground, because the challenge is right ahead of us!

Zsófia Fegyverneky: I am so happy that we were able to win this game! They are a star-studded team with outstanding players in all positions. Holding this team to 60 points says it all about our defense and our team work. We have prepared well and executed everything we had talked about before the game. We were focused all the way through the game on offense. These games show us that we are on the right track!

Victor Lapena: It was a tough game, congratulations to Sopron! They were very focused, especially on defense. I cannot say anything bad about my players, they came back from being 12 points behind. We keep improving day-by-day, and we need games like this to discover our mistakes and analyze them! It never feels good to lose, but it wasn't bad, the improvements are visible!

Cecilia Zandalasini: It was a tough game against a Sopron team with great players on the roster. We had the opportunities to make the outcome different, but we couldn't make use of them. This is Euroleague. We will keep working hard, re-watch our mistakes and learn from them. It is a long series, we have nothing to be afraid of.


- 2020-05-29

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