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Krasznai Cup organized with restricted entry

The 36th Men's and Women's Krasznai Cup will be held this week organized by the Gy-M-S County Basketball Federation, to which fans may enter in restricted numbers. The tournament will also be a final test before the upcoming basketball season, and it will serve as basis for the decision whether or not fans may attend games later on.

The County Federation's Press Release

The Gyr-Moson-Sopron County Basketball Federation will hold its traditional pre-season tournament honoring the memory of the legendary sportsman of the town of Sopron.
Due to the pandemic situation the organization process has faced many obstacles. Due to the immigration restrictions we couldn't count on teams from abroad, and teams from the country didn't want to play anymore pre-season games before the start of the championship. After lengthy negotiations the schedule of the tournament will be as follows:

Wednesday, 9.23.2020

19.00 Zalakermia ZTE - Falco KC Szombathely (Men's Krasznai Cup)
Venue: Zalaegerszeg Vrosi Sportcsarnok

Thursday, 9.24.2020

18.30 Sopron Basket - UNI Gyr (Women's Krasznai Memorial Game)

Friday, 9.25.2020

18.00 Sopron KC - Zalakermia ZTE (Men's Krasznai Cup)
Saturday, 9.26.2020

18.00 Falco KC Szombathely - Sopron KC ( Men's Krasznai Cup)
19.45 Closing ceremony

When arranging games we have to take into consideration that the epidemic is still among us, and a primary aspect is the protection of the teams and supporters' health.
As a result of the positive attitude of the leaders of Sopron and the managers of Novomatic Arna towards the issue, a decision was made to let a restricted number of fans attend the games.

We can let 500 fans into the arena each game, all of whom has to enter wearing a mask, and have to keep them on during the games. On entry we check the person's body temperature, and provide hand sanitizer for everyone. Entry will only be possible from the entrance on the side from Shell Petrol Station. Due to the restricted attendance numbers we will sell the same tickets for everyone, the season tickets and other ID's will not be valid for these games, and this time wan't secure the free-of-charge entry for pensioners and children either.

We will sell the tickets valid for the day (for the women's game) on Thursday from 5 pm, and that is when there will be a possibility to buy the tickets for the men's games on Friday and Saturday. In case the 500 tickets for Friday and Saturday are sold, there will be no further opportunity to buy tickets for those games, so we encourage buying them in advance.

The buffet in Novomatic arena will be open, but the 1,5-meter distance has to be held from each other. Please do not have food or drinks in the stands, and wear your masks at all times.
In the stands we will shut down rows and seats to hold the safe distance. Those living in the same household can, of course, sit next to each other, but we ask you to please leave the neighbouring seats on both sides empty.

Teams and official personnel will enter the building through a completely separated entrance.

The games at Krasznai Cup will be a final test before the season, so we ask everyone to follow the rules, otherwise the league games will be held behind closed doors.

- 2020-09-21

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