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We won the regular season

We weren't sharp and focused enough today, but we managed to win the difficult game against Győr.

UNI Győr-MÉLY-ÚT - Sopron Basket 79-85 (21-22, 20-22, 16-20, 22-21)

UNI Győr-MÉLY-ÚT: Kiesel 19, Dombai 4, Török Á. 15/6, Varga Zs. 2, Mompremier 21 Sub.: Dubei 14/12, Weninger 4, Keita -, Lass -, Barnai -

Sopron Basket: January 10/3, Varga S. 2, Williams 19/3, Brooks 26/9, Krajisnik 4 Sub.: Határ 12, Walker 5/3, Fegyverneky 4, Varga A. 3/3, Czukor D. -


2-PTS: 25/43 58% ill. 25/42 60%

3-PTS: 6/18 33% ill. 7/22 32%

FTS: 11/12 92% ill. 14/18 78%

Rebounds: 34 (Mompremier 13) ill. 33 (Williams 7)

Assists: 17 (Kiesel 6) ill. 22 (Williams 5)

Steals: 4 ill. 9

Turnovers: 12 ill. 9

Faults: 23 ill. 19

VAL: 112 (Mompremier 38) ill. 129 (Brooks 32)

We went into the derby tonight knowing that with a victory we could secure top spot for the regular season mathematically, too. To do that, however, we should have had to end second seed Győr's unbeaten home record in the league. There was even a brief celebration before the game. We were awarded the Best Team of the County Award from the representative from Kisalföld, which we earned based on our performance last year.

We managed to score right off the first possession by Jeca, to which Kiesel answered back with a three-point play upon entering the second minute (3-2). The home side increased their advantage with patient offense and accurate shots (4th minute 9-4). Our rivals were functioning on a higher level, which didn't appeal to Dávid Gáspár either and called his first time-out already in the fifth minute (13-8). Seven minutes into the game Dalma Iványi's players scored twice as many as we did (16-8). We started to awaken, which also showed in numbers (8th minute 16-14). In the final seconds we caught up with our opponents thanks to Betti's double (21-21). Győr played a quick offense, but after a short review Kiesel got a personal foul, which was already her third in the game. That was a bad deal for the white shirts. Briann got to shoot two overtime free throws, the second of which went in, giving us the lead (21-22). Twelve minutes into the game Megan also got herself on the scoreboard, but Ági Török got left alone at the 6.25-line from where she rarely misses. She didn't do it this time either (26-24). Győr got control over the game for a while again, taking advantage of our soft defense (15th minute 33-24). Jeca put an end to a 10-0 scoring run by Győr with a three-point play, to which she added a triple in each of the next to offensive possessions. Jeca erased the difference between the sides in just over a minute! Dalma Iványi called a time.out (17th minute 33-33). We could still see lots of buckets from both sides, it was raining buckets (19th minute 39-41). Thanks to a free throw by Sára and a double by Gabby we were going into the half-time break on the front foot (41-44). We conceded lots of points, which we had to fix for the second half if we wanted to evade excitement.

It seemed we wouldn't have any problems in that regard coming out of the locker room after the break. The game went on with a triple by Gabby, and the 13th point by Jeca already meant an 8-point advantage for us. In the 22nd minute we even managed to get to ten following Gabby's steal and lay-up, forcing Daéma iványi to call a quick time-out, before getting the game completely out of control (22nd minute 41-51). At 41-53 Mompremier scored the first basket for Győr in the half (23rd minute 43-53). In the 26th minute Ági Török committed an unsportsmanlike foul.Jeca made both of her free throws (26th minute 45-60). Our long shots weren't working against Győr's zone defense, but Győr finished their offense successfully twice in a row coming back down to 10 (27th minute 50-60). What's more, after Dubei's triple we were only ahead by seven (55-62). It remained so by the end of the quarter when our former sports academist, Virág Weninger, who is now playing in green and white found her way to the rim (57-64). We were missing accurate ling shots against the zone, , which made it hard to keep our advantage intact. two triples by Briann and Megan came in handy to crack it in the 32nd minute (61-70). The boosted Győr side managed to score in a row making the game completely up for grabs (34th minute 70-72). Following Dubei's fourth triple we were only ahead by a single point, and our rivals had the opportunity to take the lead. With four minutes remaining on the clock they even managed to take the lead with a double by Török. Dávid Gáspár called a time-out (36th minute 75-74). Big excitement was coming up! After an exchange of baskets Jeca made a difficult triple getting to the final two minutes (77-79). Kiesel's shot came off, but we found Betti open (77-81). The difference was cut in half with two free throws by Török. Then came the last minute. That time Betti made a lay-up off Jeca's assist (79-83). With 34 seconds left on the clock our hosts called a time-out in possession of the ball (79-83). Betti showed her class on defense denying Kiesel's shot. We hid the ball for the remainder securing our victory and our top spot in the regular season! The final score was set in the last seconds by Zsófi's free throws (79-85).

Next week Hungarian Cup is coming up. We are facing Csata in the quarter finals on Wednesday from 8.30 pm.

Dávid Gáspár: We weren't sharp and focused enough today. Mostly at the beginning of the game, where we couldn't play in the rhythm I expected on offense and on defense. We weren't there in our head. Of course, I'm not saying this to belittle Győr's effort. They are a great and professional team. We can see that every player has their spot on the team, and they are playing bravely. They showed their strengths, for which we prepared, but let the game flow that way anyway. In the end nuances decided the game in our favor,

Jelena Brooks: It was a tough game, but that's what we expected. We didn't play the we we usually do, especially at the beginning, but I am glad we managed to win such a difficult game! Then on Monday we will work on fixing the mistakes we made tonight.

- 2021-02-20

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In 2020 our team earned Best Team of the County Award at our regional newspaper's traditional annual Award Ceremony, which was handed out to our club's representatives before Saturday's derby against Győr
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    We won the regular season
We weren't sharp and focused enough today, but we managed to win the difficult game against Győr
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    Derby level local duel
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We took the lead early in the game and held onto it until the end against one of our biggest domestic rivals
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Kiváló védekezéssel, jó ritmusú támadásokkal egy pillanatra sem adtunk esélyt a szekszárdiaknak, akiket ponton tartottunk
02/17 19:27
    Week of derbies
We are facing our immediate rivals this week, first against Szekszárd, then against Győr on the road
02/16 14:23

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