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We are through to the semi-final

After a pretty close first quarter we managed to overcome Ludovika-FCSM Csata in the Hungarian Cup quarter finals to advance to the next round.

LUDOVIKA-FCSM Csata - Sopron Basket 53-88 (17-25, 8-26, 17-16, 11-21)

LUDOVIKA-FCSM Csata: Horvth B. 9/3, Mnyoky R. 4, Lelik 6, Hegeds 2, Zempare 9 Sub.: James 8, Brndy V. 6, Angyal B. 5/3, Balogh L. 2, Gyngysi J. 2, Angyal N. -

Sopron Basket: January 7, Czukor -, Williams 15/3, Brooks 15/3, Hatr 18 Sub.: Walker 17/3, Krajisnik 6, Fegyverneky 4, Varga S. 4, Varga A. 2, Varga K. -


2-PTS: 19/35 54% ill. 34/56 61%

3-PTS: 2/21 10% ill. 3/17 18%

FTS: 9/11 82% ill. 11/17 65%

Rebounds: 35 (Zempare 10) ill. 46 (Hatr 11)

Assists: 13 (Horvth B. 3) ill. 24 (Fegyverneky 8)

Steals: 4 ill. 9 (Brooks 3)

Turnovers: 13 ill. 5

Faults: 22 ill. 18

VAL: 75 (Zempare 17) ill. 146 (Hatr 35)

Jeca got the game going with a mid-range double, to which Lelik answered back from inside the paint. After that Bernadett Horvth made a huge triple, while at the other end Gabby went in for a lay-up (2nd minute 5-4). The lead went back and forth in the first period, but in the middle of the quarter we were ahead by two (5th minute 9-11). In the next few minutes we found our rhythm on defense, which led to an improvement on our offensive game as well, giving us an eight-point advantage after the first quarter (10th minute 17-25).

Gabby opened the second period with a shot from downtown increasing our lead to double digits, but then James also managed to score for Csata. Megan came up with a three-point play to increase our lead even further, and then Betti also put two on the scoreboard (13th minute 19-33). We really shifted gears for the second period, this time Megan beat her defender for a lay-up again, drawing a foul in the act of shooting, and forcing Ferenc Bdi to call a time-out for Csata. Even though Megan missed the and-one, Briann stole the ball and ran down the court for another lay-up, after which Megan also scored for two, giving us a twenty-point lead (19-39). Csata scored twice in a row, reducing the gap between the sides by four, which made Dvid Gspr call a time-out. We came back strong on the court, and buried two triples in quick succession, to which Jeca also added a double, forcing Csatas next time-out (18th minute 23-47). We finished the half on the front foot scoring twice as many as our opponents, which put us in a comfortable position for the rest of the game (20th minute 25-51).

The third period began with a double by Horvth. Then came a three-point play by Betti, to which Mnyoky answered back with a lay-up. Csata came out strong in the second half, they performed a 10-5 run forcing head coach Dvid Gspr to call his next time-out (24th minute 35-56). Gabby made a double from the paint after the short pause, to which Megan added two from the foul line. Bettis shot also found its way into the net, stretching our scoring run further, and then Briann split a pair of free throws. After that Alz scored for two as well, increasing our lead to thirty, before Vivien Brndy put an end to our scoring run by making two free throws (28th minute 37-65). Csata managed to cut into their deficit a little ahead of the fourth quarter, but we were still in a good position (30th minute 42-67).

Barbara Angyal opened the final stage of the game with a triple. Then Rka Lelik committed two fouls very quickly, ejecting herself from the match. After that Tina got us going in the quarter, too (32nd minute 45-69). Then came an exchange of buckets between Zempare and Zsfi, followed by a long double from the corner by Sra, to which she then added a lay-up, forcing coach Ferenc Bdi to call his team to the bench for a time-out (35th minute 47-75). Megan buried a triple coming off the bench to increase our lead back up over thirty again, to which Betti added a lay-up. In the final minutes all that was left to find out was the final score, which was set by Betti scoring a mid-range double (40th minute 53-88).

In the next round we are facing Atomerm KSC Szekszrd from 5.30 pm. On Friday for a spot in the Sunday final.

Bernadett Horvth: I can say I am very proud of the team, because in the away game in the league we didn't play our best game against Sopron, but tonight we showed that we can play together as a team, and can compete in some situations even against a team like Sopron.

Ferenc Bdi: We know we played against one of the highest ranked teams not only in the country, but in all of Europe. I think expectations have become reality. We tried to get as much out of this game as we could. I am proud of the team because we played with integrity all the way through. the game. We had a game in Sopron which didn't pan out the way we would have wanted it to, but I think we came off the court with our heads held high, I wish Sopron the best of luck in the Hungarian league and on the international stage as well. Also, I would like to wish my colleague, Krisztin Tursics a speedy recovery.

Bernadett Hatr: First, I would like to say congratulations to Csata, because they didn't come out with their hands up in the air, but they wanted to show that they are better than they were last time they played against us. They really did make our job difficult tonight. I think we sometimes got confused on defense, and I also think we still have to work on our offense. We will move forward, because we have an even tougher game ahead of us on Friday, I hope we can get through that one, too.

Dvid Gspr: Congratulations to both sides, because both teams had periods in the game, where they made steps forward. For us, in comparison to the previous game I wanted to realize individual responsibilities, which I think happened in most parts of the game. As they also mentioned, we bumped into a much bigger resistance, than before. This is a long process, but I think we are on the right trak, and we made an important step forward on the first day of the Hungarian Cup, Congratulations to the team, from now on we will prepare for the next challenge.

- 2021-02-24

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