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Our team came up big in the third game of the league finals, and beat Szekszárd for the third time in a row to claim the title!

Sopron Basket - Atomerőmű KSC Szekszárd 74-52 (29-14, 21-14, 15-15, 9-9)
Sopron, 1800 néző

Sopron Basket: January 2, Fegyverneky 16/9, Williams 8, Brooks 24/6, Dolson 9/3 Sub.: Varga A. 7/3, Jovanovic 6, Sitku -, Czukor D. 2, Varga S. -, Kókai -

Atomerőmű-KSC Szekszárd: Studer 4, Friskovec 6/6, Miklós 8/6, Goree 12/3, Milic 17 Sub.: Morgan 3, Bálint 2, Gereben -, Mányoky -, Holcz -, Horváth D. -


FGS: 26/1 43% ill. 18/62 29%

3-PTS: 7/23 30% ill. 5/25 20%

FTS: 15/17 88% ill. 11/13 85%

Rebounds: 42 (Brooks 8) ill. 36 (Milic 13)

Assists: 15 (Brooks 4) ill. 9 (Studer 6)

Steals: 12 (January , Brooks 4-4) ill. 10 (Goree 3)

Turnovers: 16 ill. 18

Faults: 21 ill. 24

Fotó: Tóth Zsombor
The game began with a huge triple by Jeca, and our ace even made a lay-up after a steal, and then following another turnover by Szekszárd Gabby also put two points on the board – time-out Zeljko Djokic (2nd minute 7-0). The guests began scoring with a triple by Friskovec, while on the home side Stef was successful from the free throw line. Goree made two foul shots for Szekszárd, so we were only four points ahead, but then Gabby came up with a double, following which Zsófi got the crowd out of their seats with a three (5th minute 14-5). Studer made a double, to which Stef answered back with two more free throws, and after successful attempts by Bri the difference increased over ten points for the first time in the game (18-7). In the last minutes of the quarter there was still a tough battle going on on the court, and our team was leading confidently (10th minute 29-14).

A triple by Melinda Miklós opened the second period, while at the other end Gabby hit the target from inside the three-point line. After that Stef made a lay-up and drew a foul, but before the and-one, Szekszárd called a time-out (12th minute 33-17). Then came two minutes of scoring drought, which was ended when Jeca made a lay-up off a spin move, while at the other end Milic made a bucket from close in, and after yet another bucket by the Serbian post player it was Dávid Gáspár’s turn to call his team to the bench to talk things over (15th minute 35-21). We kept attacking after the brief pause, getting close to being ahead by twenty thankst to Jeca’s points, and then we reached that with a really difficult mid-range jumper by Zsófi (18th minute 43-23). Milic made a double, to which Zsüfi answered back from outside, and after yet another exchange of buckets Dávid Gáspár called his team to the bench again (48-26). The score for the half-time break was set by Neca, who made a very tough shot from inside (20th minute 50-28).

Just like the second, the third quarter also began with a triple by Melinda Miklós, to which Stef answered back likewise from the corner. The teams got back in rhythm really slowly after the big break, by the middle of the period we were at three points scored, whil the guests put five on the board (25th minute 53-33). The teams were advancing head-to-head in this quarter, neither side was able to take control, so the difference didn’t change significantly either, forcing Zeljko Djokic to call his next time-out (28th minute 63-40). In the last minute the guests cut into their deficit with a three-point play by Milic, to which Dalma answered back with a buzzer-beating triple, so we went into the last ten minutes in possession of a comfortable lead (30th minute 65-43).

Goree hit a triple at the beginning of the final stage of the game after a minute-and-a-half long scoring drought, and Dávid Gáspár called a time-out right away (32nd minute 65-46). With almost four minutes into the quarter we weres still scoreless in the last period, while the guests took five points off their deficit, however, after a missed opportunity, Zeljko Djokic decided to call a time-out (35th minute 65-48). The short break proved useful for us, Zsófi hit a triple from the corner, increasing our lead back up over twenty points, and after yet another time-out by Zeljko Djokic Dávid Gáspár sent Sára Varga and Zsuzsi Sitku on the court so they could also contribute to the finals, while with a minute left on the clock Patrícia Kókai also got to step out on the court, and the team claimed their fifteenth championship title (40th minute 74-52).

Dávid Gáspár: It feels fantastic to finally be able to celebrate in Sopron, in front of our own crowd. We are grateful that they came out in such big numbers, and supported us! The team played really well, we deserved to win the championship! Congratulations to Szekszárd, too, they came into this finals series really hard! We would like to cherish every minute of this success and have a good celebration!

Zeljko Djokic: Congratulations to Sopron for the championship title, I think we were worthy opponents to them. The two teams pulled each other up, which is great for Hungarian basketball. It was even surprising for us to have played such tight games in the first two matches against Sopron. The atmosphere was really elevated today in the gym, which had a numbing effect on us early on. We forgot such basic things that had worked well in the first two games. Unfortunately, the game was over by half time this way. We matched up well with them in the second half, but that didn't change anything. I am proud of my team, this young squad improved a lot, which is good for the future! Both teams deserve to rest now. I hereby wish Betti a speedy recovery!

Zsófia Fegyverneky: What can I say? Fantastic season, with a worthy ending! We became more confident in the final by the end, adapted to their game, found the open shots. We played good basketball tonight, and enjoyed every minute of it. This season speaks for itself, I think there is nowhere to improve anymore!

Ágnes Studer: We came here after two tight games, but Sopron was sharper today, and played with a better pace from the tip-off. We played really badly in the first half. We were unable to come closer after the break, either, the difference remained the same. Sopron had a great day, they played very nicely. All in all, it was a great finals series, which is overshadowed only by Betti's injury. We are on the right track, and we can be proud of being able to play two one-possession games against the Euroleague Women winners. Congratulations to Sopron, they deserve to be champions!

- 2022-04-23

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